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Learn with “The Word Nerd”

Inspired at an early age by the work of Dr. Seuss, Brian P. Cleary is a self-confessed “word nerd and the author of the best-selling books “Words Are CATegorical”, in which he presents essential English grammar points in a fun style, with the help of several cartoon Cats. Although his website does exist mainly to promote these and other books he has written, there is a great deal of material that you can download in pdf form and games to play on-line.

For example, in the main area, choose the WORDS section of the filing cabinet and play games with parts of speech (adjective, adverb, verb and so on) or write a strange story by filling in the gaps on the Crazy Cat Tales. You can also download these forms as a pdf file to print and use later.

Other sections of the web are the Word of the Week (WOW), the Poem of the Week (POW), Maths help, Poetry and Phonics, but in fact, most of the objects in the main area make a sound or do something, so just explore and have fun!

In short, this is a site recommended for kids of all ages and / or cat lovers!


Strange Random Language Fact:

A Toponym is a place name or word that began as the name of a place, such as hamburger (from Hamburg, Germany) and afghan (a soft blanket from Afghanistan).

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