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It was 20 years ago today (or this week)…

20 Years of The Simpsons

They started out in a series of short clips before and after adverts on the Tracey Ullman show on American TV in the late 80s. But 20 years ago this week, the Simpsons began their first season on Fox. The rest, as the phrase goes, is history, so I’ll leave you with a list of some of the best links we’ve found to celebrate this historic anniversary.

1. Trailer for the documentary shown on US television this week – Simpsons 20th Anniversary Special. In 3D! On Ice! Hosted by Morgan Spurlock, director of Super-Size Me, it looked at the 450 episodes of the series and achieved ratings during the first half hour of 13.46 million viewers.

2. The Simpsons Channel

Excellent site with news, views, videos and more.

3. The original Tracey Ullman show shorts

The Simpson family as they first appeared in T...

Image via Wikipedia

Not the best quality video, it must be said, but nevertheless this is a comprehensive collection of the sketches that started everything. Perhaps the most interesting thing is the physical changes in the characters throughout the 48 episodes, as you can see from the picture here …

4. BBC News – 10 Classic Episodes

A subjective choice of some of the best episodes, mostly from the first 8 or 9 seasons, including LISA THE VEGETARIAN (1995), TREEHOUSE OF HORROR V (1995 Halloween special with a parody of The Shining) and MARGE VS THE MONORAIL (1993).

Strange Random Simpsons quote:

Homer: Oh, so they have Internet on computers now!

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