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Music played at public events to be subject to new copyright fees – The Globe and Mail

June 1, 2012 1 comment

Your funky wedding and musical garage sale just got a little more expensive.

The Copyright Board of Canada has, for the first time, decided to charge fees to anyone who uses recorded music as part of a public event. That means anyone who plans on using tunes to get the party started will need to dig a little deeper before hitting play on the iPod.

The new rules include any event in which music is played – weddings, ice shows, street parties, circuses, parades and karaoke bars are all named in the official notice from the country’s copyright board.

“Recorded music is a vital part of the business model for many live events and, indeed, it is impossible to imagine a fashion show, festival, parade or karaoke bar without music,” said Martin Gangnier, Re:Sound’s director of licensing.

“[It] ensures that the recording artists and record companies who create this music are fairly compensated when their work is used at these events.”

While many of these events pay fees already, those fees compensate those who own publishing rights to songs. The tariff announced today is new and on top of what already exists, and will go toward compensating those who actually perform the music.

via Music played at public events to be subject to new copyright fees – The Globe and Mail.

Strange Random Copyright Quote:

“Men don’t like nobility in woman. Not any men. I suppose it is because the men like to have the copyrights on nobility — if there is going to be anything like that in a relationship.”

Dorothy Parker (American short-story Writer and Poet, 1893-1967)


Cinematic Trailers (sound effects) – The Making Of

September 10, 2011 Leave a comment
A device that allows the reproduction of the s...

Image via Wikipedia

The Boom Library was founded in 2010 by award winning audio guys from Dynamedion, the biggest European game audio studio based in Mainz, Germany. Boom Library prides itself on providing high end, ultimate sound effects for all media and audio professionals. Every collection comes with a 96 KHz high definition, huge source library of our original recordings plus a great variety of designed SFX, ready to use.

and the end result sounds like this –

Visit their website:

Strange Random Sound Quote:

“One dog barks at something and a hundred bark at his sound” – Chinese Proverb

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Short History of the Minimoog synth

August 13, 2011 1 comment
A Minimoog! : Robert Moog, Brooklyn, NY/USA, 1978

Image via Wikipedia

The other day we posted an article about Daphne Oram, one of the great historic names of electronic music and here’s a documentary featuring another: Robert Moog and his Minimoog.

Strange Random Electronic Music Quote:

Avant-garde music is sort of research music. You’re glad someone’s done it but you don’t necessarily want to listen to it. – Brian Eno


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Daphne Oram: an unlikely techno pioneer | Life and style | The Guardian

August 8, 2011 1 comment
Daphne Oram en la BBC de Londres creando sonidos

Next to a pile of transistors and exposed metal, a woman with a pinroll hairdo tilts her head to one side and offers the camera a tight, prim smile. This is Daphne Oram, who, according to Science Museum curator Tim Boon, looked “like Margaret Thatcher . . . with a cut-glass accent”, but helped lay the foundation for techno music.

Oram seems an unlikely candidate for a techno pioneer, but as a new exhibition at the Science Museum shows, her life’s work was astonishing.

via Daphne Oram: an unlikely techno pioneer | Life and style | The Guardian.

Strange Random Sound Quote:

“I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.” – Douglas Adams (British comic Writer, 1952-2001)

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Pi is a LIE – this is what TAU sounds like

June 29, 2011 1 comment

If you missed Pi day, you’re just in time to celebrate the day that honours its nemesis. Tau is the double of pi, corresponding to the date 6/28 or June 28, and to help mark the occasion, musician Michael Blake has created a musical interpretation of the constant (see video above). It maps tau, up to 126 decimal places, to musical notes. Earlier this year, Blake created a similar rendition for pi, that became popular online. Somehow, the melody of tau seems to be even more pleasing to the ear though.

from New Scientist Magazine

Strange Random Mathematics Quote:

If equations are trains threading the landscape of numbers, then no train stops at pi. – Richard Preston

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New material on our YouTube Channel

June 19, 2011 1 comment

This week, we’ve added two new playlists of music videos with the key words PUT and LOOK. So you can find songs from the likes of Paul McCartney, The Coral, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, The Ramones, The Libertines, Jet, Dido, ABC or Monty Python (yes, that song) for your education and entertainment!

Remember that you can find song lyrics on many websites, but two that we like are A-Z Lyrics and Leo’s Lyrics.

Finally, please tell your friends about the channel and leave us a message to let us know what you think!

Go to the Exit YouTube Channel

Strange Random Music Quote:

Without music to decorate it, time is just a bunch of boring production deadlines or dates by which bills must be paid. – Frank Zappa

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Gil Scott-Heron, Poet and Music Pioneer, Dies at 62 –

May 30, 2011 2 comments
#nowplaying Gil Scott-Heron The Revolution Wil...

Image by nworbleahcim via Flickr

Gil Scott-Heron, the poet and recording artist whose syncopated spoken style and mordant critiques of politics, racism and mass media in pieces like “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” made him a notable voice of black protest culture in the 1970s and an important early influence on hip-hop, died on Friday at a hospital in Manhattan. He was 62 and had been a longtime resident of Harlem.

via Gil Scott-Heron, Poet and Music Pioneer, Dies at 62 –

Worth listening to:

Strange Random Gil Scott-Heron Quote:

Because I always feel like running

Not away, because there is no such place

Because if there was, I would have found it by now

Because it’s easier to run,

Easier than staying and finding out you’re the only one who didn’t run

Because running will be the way your life and mine will be described,

As in “the long run

Or as in having “given someone a run for his money”

Or as in “running out of time”

Because running makes me look like everyone else, though I hope there will ever be cause for that

Because I will be running in the other direction, not running for cover

Because if I knew where cover was, I would stay there and never have to run for it

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