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Perfect Pop Star Revealed As Digital Fake: Japan Group AKB48 Shocks Fans With Avatar | Showbiz News | Sky News

It has been revealed that a member of Japan‘s biggest girl band does not actually exist.

Aimi Eguchi

Fans of the group AKB48 were shocked to learn that the newest addition to the group, Aimi Eguchi, is in fact a computer-generated avatar.

She is a digital creation made up from features of six of the other girls.

Followers became suspicious after Eguchi was chosen to front a major Japanese ice-lolly campaign – an endorsement usually given to the more senior members of the group.

The group’s fans also questioned the perfect pop star‘s resemblance to some of the other girls.

Their concerns about whether the star really existed were confirmed this week when her management released a video showing her being created.

Sky News Article and Video

Girl, I’m gonna’ make you a star … literally:

Strange Random Fake Quote:

It’s better to be a fake somebody than a real nobody.  – Matt Damon

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