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Apps That Recall a Time Before There Were Apps –

September 17, 2012 Leave a comment

English: Sinclair 48K ZX Spectrum computer (19...

Haven’t we all at some time been struck by such an overwhelming sense of nostalgia that we wished we could take a time machine to a moment in our past? Perhaps it’s a scent that reminds us of previous romances, or as we get older, the sights and sounds that take us back to a childhood time when everything was simpler.

Now, an app on your smartphone or tablet is that time machine.

Today we’re all playing casual phone games or epics like Skyrim. But if you’re of a certain age you’ll remember the era of home computer games fondly.

Commodore 64 fans will spot the $5 Commodore 64 app in the iTunes App Store with glee, because it even gives you a chance to type in Basic programs. It has a few reproductions of classic games, and more are available as an in-app purchase. The free Android app Frodo C64 is a little simpler, but it requires you to find the original source code for games elsewhere online.

If you were a fan of the ZX Spectrum computer, you’ll love the $9 iPad app 100 Greatest Hits. It has classic 1980s-era 8-bit games from Elite, with more available via an in-app purchase. Everything is emulated nicely, including some of the quirky sound and graphics of the Spectrum. Marvin on Android is a similar free app that goes even further because it emulates the Spectrum’s interface — though again you have to find your own game files.

Atari game fans can download the free Atari’s Greatest Hits app for iOS. This official app contains the classic arcade game Missile Command direct from Atari’s own files and 100 more games via in-app purchase.

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iPad App For David Cameron To Monitor Government Performance Being Developed | Politics | Sky News

An iPad app is being developed to allow the Prime Minister to monitor the Government’s work – and eventually it will be made available to voters.

A spokeswoman for the Cabinet Office confirmed staff from the Government Digital Service are on the project and hope to deliver the product to David Cameron as soon as possible.

It is likely to cost the taxpayer around £20,000 but officials will not confirm figures, and will only say they made sure it offers value for money.

The idea has been adopted from the private sector, where businesses use internal information to measure performance.

It is expected to include up-to-date crime figures, unemployment statistics and NHS waiting lists.

While it will only be available to Mr Cameron, ministers and officials at first, there are plans to make it available to the public at a later date.

via iPad App For David Cameron To Monitor Government Performance Being Developed | Politics | Sky News.

Strange Random Government Quote:

“My experience in government is that when things are non-controversial and beautifully coordinated, there is not much going on” – John Fitzgerald Kennedy (35th US President, 1961-1963)

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Hitpad – free news and media app for the iPad

Hitpad delivers bite-size information snippets about the most important and worth-knowing topics of the day, highlighting why they are important and may be of interest, so you become current in no time and with very little effort.

Hitpad eliminates the need to read many sources and sift through social media streams that are often full with reverb and noise. As you use Hitpad, it learns your interests in order to deliver you the most important information snippets in the areas that you care about.

Strange Random Information Quote:
“My sources are unreliable, but their information is fascinating” – Ashleigh Brilliant (English Author and Cartoonist, b.1933)

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