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Carman Luntzel is closing her Carman’s Country Kitchen

A PLUSH PIG the color of cotton candy sits on a windowsill at Carman’s Country Kitchen. Though it’s the size of a Beanie Baby, this tiny swine is no Ty Warner product. Official Beanie Babies do not come with the sort of appendage that sticks up over the pork’s belly.

This little piggy has a big salami.

Look around chef-owner Carman Luntzel’s three-table, two-counter (and, in warm weather, a table for eight in the back of her pickup truck) bruncher-y, and you’ll see that it’s a sausage party on and off the menu.

Dingaling-shaped ceramics pepper shelves. Phallus-adorned postcards cling to a corkboard. A mug with a willie for a handle hangs out on a ledge. A purplish rubber johnson dangles from the ceiling fan.

But the wiener-theme teapot and creamer made by the wife of “American Pie” singer Don McLean? Luntzel took it home weeks ago. Over the past three months, she’s been packing up her most cherished decorations, including select members of her member collection.

After 22 years at 11th and Wharton, the self-made chef and self-proclaimed “keeper of the penises” is closing shop and moving to South Carolina.

At summer’s end, Luntzel’s landlord sent notice he wasn’t renewing her lease. The property owner wants to turn her one-of-a-kind South Philly spot into a run-of-the-mill pizza shop.

via Carman Luntzel is closing her Carman’s Country Kitchen.

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