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How to Cope With a Terrible Review – Businessweek

English: Food Network star Guy Fieri judges a ...

Critics’ latest frosted-tipped punching bag: celebrity chef and television host Guy Fieri.

Sure, the New York Times suggested that “everything at Guy’s American Kitchen & Bar is inedible,” but Fieri is by no means alone. This year, for example, Eddie Murphy’s A Thousand Words (“a tired, formulaic comedy,” as one reviewer called it) scored 0 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, and Rolling Stone denounced Lana Del Rey as “just another aspiring singer who wasn’t ready to make an album yet” (and that’s nicer than some critiques on Twitter following her flawed performance on Saturday Night Live).

Might today’s reflexive culture—which thrives on reviewing, liking, commenting, and sharing, often anonymously—have made critics more hostile? What superhuman public figure hasn’t at some point, however brief, been the object of scorn recently (besides Ryan Gosling)?

The bright side is that making a comeback, while tough, is not impossible—consider how far Ben Affleck (receiving critical acclaim for directing Argo and The Town) has progressed since his turn in the cringe-inducing Gigli. Sometimes there’s nowhere to go but up. Here are some tips on how to deal with a bad review.

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