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9 awkward social situations and how to get out of them | News.com.au

Ministry of emergency situations. Minsk, Belarus.WE’VE all been through years of schooling and hopefully had thousands of social situations to learn from by the time we’re thrown into adulthood.

But somehow, some people never learn social cues.

Like, it’s really not OK to talk loudly about a personal situation in a meeting at work. Or, it’s not nice to talk at people for hours at a party. Especially about your “quirky” hobbies.

Thankfully, etiquette expert and founder of the Good Manners Company Anna Musson, has some tips to help you out next time you’re stuck alongside a “talker” on a 13-hour flight.

Here are seven awkward situations, and how to get out of them.

1.You’re stuck talking to someone who has a deep interest in different breeds of snails at a party

If there is someone else around, it’s OK to include them in the conversation. Take a leaf out of Bridget Jones’ book, and think of an interesting anecdote that might link the two people, and introduce the extra person. You can then excuse yourself and leave.

If there is nobody around, say “It’s been lovely talking to you Mary. I’ve really enjoyed talking to you, but there are a lot of people here and I’ve been monopolising you. I hope our paths cross again. Wish you all the best.”

Don’t pretend your phone is ringing. That’s insincere. Plus never say you’re going to the bathroom. People don’t need to know that. Just say ”excuse me”.

via 9 awkward social situations and how to get out of them | News.com.au.

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