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The Airport Experience in 2025 | Fox Business

A recent report by travel technology heavyweight Amadeus explores the possible evolution of airports between now and 2025, specifically how the passenger’s travel experience can improve.

A good starting point for change are the inefficient pre-departure processes travelers must undergo – a whopping 72% of travelers surveyed cited those annoying and time-consuming series of ordeals as their main gripe with airports.

The good news? Amadeus is betting that in the very near future technology can eliminate most if not all of these travel headaches, creating a better passenger experience that’s miles away from the current situation.

Here’s a look at how the airport experience can evolve in three key areas – check-in/baggage, security screening and boarding.

Check-In/Baggage. Bar coded boarding passes and the ability to check-in online via computer or mobile device are the status quo, but as early as 2015 designated check-in areas of the airport could be obsolete as travel documents enabled with RFID automatically check-in passengers upon airport arrival. Baggage checking is increasingly becoming self-serve, but there’s room for improvement – 57% of frequent fliers surveyed requested permanent electronic bag tags allowing for faster, more secure handling.

via The Airport Experience in 2025 | Fox Business.

Strange Random Airport Quote:

“Anything to declare? the customs inspector said.
“Two pound of uncut heroin and a manual of pornographic art,” Mark answered, looking about for Kity.
All Americans are comedians, the inspector thought, as he passed Parker through. A government tourist hostess approached him.
“Are you Mr. Mark Parker?”
Leon Uris, Exodus



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