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A Playful Makeover for Perry Ellis — Advertising – NYTimes.com

Perry Ellis adAN initiative by a maker of apparel, Perry Ellis International, to revitalize its flagship Perry Ellis men’s wear brand will soon have consumers seeing spots, in the form of polka dots.

The dots are meant to evoke the heritage of the Perry Ellis brand and signal that a playful attitude for which the brand was known is coming back. For instance, in one print advertisement, the polka dots look as if they were produced by a puckish model wielding a hole puncher.

In addition to appearing in the print ads, the polka dots will decorate hang tags and turn up, discreetly, in garment linings.

The print ads are part of a campaign for Perry Ellis clothing, with a budget estimated at $10 million, that is intended to stimulate demand for fall merchandise like men’s shirts. The ads are being created by a new agency for the brand, Yard, based in New York. Knock, an agency in Minneapolis, worked on the new hang tags as well as a redesign of packaging and the Perry Ellis logo.

In addition to reviving heritage elements like the polka dots, the campaign will seek to freshen the brand image for contemporary consumers who may not be familiar with the designer Perry Ellis. At his death in 1986 at the age of 46, he was considered one of the Big Three of American fashion designers along with Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren.

via A Playful Makeover for Perry Ellis — Advertising – NYTimes.com.

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