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Alan Turing Google Doodle (and how to solve it)

Google is celebrating Alan Turing’s 100th birthday. Alan Mathison Turing is his full name and he was an English mathematician, logician, cryptanalyst, and computer scientist.

Understand the working principle before using this doodle: http://www.cryptlife.com/internet/google/how-to-use-alan-turing-google-doodle

Google has praised him by integrating a logo in its homepage. This sounds good. This video will show you the answers for making the whole Google logo to be colored. by solving the Doodle. The Doodle has around 12 levels where, when you complete answering 6 answers, and when you refresh the homepage, you’ll get the next level to be solved.

This video is contains the answer for the first level.

Strange Random Cryptography Quote:

“Cryptography is like literacy in the Dark Ages. Infinitely potent, for good and ill… yet basically an intellectual construct, an idea, which by its nature will resist efforts to restrict it to bureaucrats and others who deem only themselves worthy of such Privilege.” Vin McLellan, “A Thinking Man’s Creed for Crypto”

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