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Is Google+ a Ghost Town, and Does It Matter? – Businessweek

Google + GhostGoogle+ is a lonely place. At least according to a new study that paints the social networking site as a virtual tumbleweed town.

Using information culled from the public timelines of 40,000 randomly selected members, data analysis firm RJMetrics found that the Google+ population, which currently numbers 170 million, is largely disengaged, with user activity rapidly decaying—at least when it comes to public posts.

According to RJMetrics, 30 percent of first-time Google+ public posters don’t post again. Of those who make five public posts, only 15 percent post again. The average time lapse between posts is 12 days, and RJMetrics cites a cohort analysis showing that members tend to make fewer public posts with each successive month. And the response to public posts on Google+ is extremely weak. The average post receives fewer than one reply, fewer than one “+1″ the equivalent to Facebook’s “Like”, and fewer than one re-share—basically most posts in the study did not garner any response.

Google [GOOG] contends that RJMetrics’s findings are inaccurate. They’re based on a small sampling of users and, more problematically, incorporate only data regarding public posts. Google+ was expressly designed to simplify sharing with select private groups, the company says, as opposed to sending public blasts à la Facebook. “More sharing occurs privately to circles and individuals than publicly on Google+,” reads a statement from Google. “The beauty of Google+ is that it allows you to share privately—you don’t have to publicly share your thoughts, photos or videos with the world.”

Google will not provide numbers on user engagement, but last July the company noted that people are two to three times more likely to share content with one of their circles than to make a public post.

via Is Google+ a Ghost Town, and Does It Matter? – Businessweek.

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“There is no delight in owning anything unshared.” – Seneca (Roman philosopher, mid-1st century AD)

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