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Quebeckers not willing to pay premium for local beef, Metro says – The Globe and Mail

Metro, the grocery chain that operates across Ontario and Quebec, has cancelled a supply agreement with a Quebec co-operative that produces hormone- and antibiotic-free beef, citing the unwillingness of its customers to pay an extra 15 per cent for the local, naturally raised product.

“After many discussions, they concluded that consumers weren’t necessarily ready to pay a little more for a product that’s traceable like ours,” Gilles Saint-Laurent, the president of Natur’Boeuf, the co-operative, told L’Avant-Poste, a French newspaper in Matane, Que.

The co-operative began supplying beef in 2002 to GP, a 14-store chain that Metro purchased in August of 2009, according to the story. After the sale, the cattle producers told CBC Radio-Canada that they were looking forward to having access to the Metro chain. “It opens up more than 250 new stores to us across Quebec,” Mr. Saint-Laurent said in 2010.

The co-operative, made up of five ranches, had been supplying 30 cattle per week.

Metro’s move runs contrary to the prevailing trend across much of the continent, where consumers are turning increasingly to better quality meat, even if it costs a little more.

Loblaws, like many of its competitors, has made an enormous push in the last few years to bring more naturally raised meats to its butcher cases, including house-brand “free from” beef, pork and chicken that’s raised without hormones and antibiotics.

“Naturally raised” meats have made their way well into fast-food culture also, in large part to Chipotle, the McDonald’s owned burrito chain that uses hormone and antibiotic free meats wherever possible.

via Quebeckers not willing to pay premium for local beef, Metro says – The Globe and Mail.

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