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Can you handle total silence? – Your Community

Are you the kind of person who blasts music while studying? Do you go stir-crazy when things around you get too quiet?

If so, then the Anechoic Chamber in Minneapolis, Minn. might not be for you.

The chamber at Orfield Labs boasts the Guinness World Record for the quietest room in the world. Its walls and floor are made of fiberglass wedges and insulated material that absorbs more than 99 per cent of sound generated within, including your footsteps.

According to the Deccan Chronicle, the room clocks in at -9 decibels. On a typical night, you sleep in a room that measures 30 decibels. A conversation using your inside voice measures at 60 decibels.

The room is primarily used by companies to configure the sounds their products make, including the grumble of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle or the hum of a Maytag washing machine, the company’s founder Steven Orfield told the Daily Mail.

But it’s also pretty good at driving a human being to the brink of insanity in under an hour.

After absorbing the sounds you make intentionally, says Orfield, your ears adapt to the silence and eventually you hear nothing but the involuntary sounds your squishy fluid-filled body makes.

It becomes so disorienting that visitors need to sit down to maintain their balance.

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Strange Random Silence Quote:

“Do not speak unless you can improve the silence” – Proverb

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