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Give Greece a Chance

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You have to admire a country that can go through all that Greece has in the last few years and still be able to come up with a slogan like Give Greece a Chance. It might even have prised a laugh from a normally sour John Lennon. (Does Greece have to pay Yoko for the rights?).

In any case, Greece is Changing is a new campaign founded by a group of the country’s leading businesspeople. In their own words:

We are a network of like-minded businesspeople, colleagues and friends who cannot be silent observers as the dialogue around Greece’s road to recovery deteriorates and the substance is often overshadowed by stereotypes.

As we enter a fifth year of recession we want to rebalance the agenda. Inject some more facts into a debate sometimes overrun by fiction.

We have absolutely no political aspirations and we do not serve nor promote any special interest, personal or professional.

We are a group of people who hope to voice the concerns of those other Greeks that aspire to a constructive role within Europe, that are Europeans, that will deliver on their country’s commitment, that have already made sacrifices and are ready to do more and that just need a chance to change Greece.

Click here or on the graphic above to go the site and let’s all give Greece a chance!

Strange Random Greece Quote:

I believe in American exceptionalism, just as I suspect that the Brits believe in British exceptionalism and the Greeks believe in Greek exceptionalism. – Barack Obama

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Spirited Traveller: Comfort cocktails in Las Vegas | Reuters

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English: The Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign

Reuters – Whether headed to Las Vegas for a business convention or bachelorette party, Vegas thrill-seekers are legendary in their pursuit of flash and excitement.

However, that doesn’t necessarily extend to the drinks – at the bar, the objective is to make guests feel comfortable, even as they push limits at the poker table.

“There is no ‘iconic’ drink in Las Vegas,” says resident mixologist Patricia Richards. “The world visits Las Vegas, so people like things that are familiar, or somewhat familiar, and cocktails that are not too ‘geeked out.'”

In other words, classics like the Mojito, Margarita and Cosmopolitan are top Vegas tipples. Richards adds that if she had asked her the same question three years ago, she would have selected Grey Goose with Red Bull as the cocktail of choice.

Along the glittery Vegas strip, most of the action takes place within the enormous hotel complexes which encompass casinos, entertainment venues, and more bars, restaurants and cocktail lounges than anyone could tackle in a single visit.

For business travelers, Richards recommends the Parasol Up and Parasol Down bars both at the Wynn,

Food & Wine Magazine also selected Parasol Down as one of its “50 Best Bars in America,” due in large part to Richards’ drink list. The two-tiered bar features large inverted parasols and nightly shows projected on to the “Lake of Dreams” waterfall.

via Spirited Traveller:Comfort cocktails in Las Vegas | Reuters.

Strange Random Las Vegas Quote:

“Investing should be more like watching paint dry or watching grass grow. If you want excitement, take $800 and go to Las Vegas.” – Paul A. Samuelson

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