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CBC Books – Larry Wong’s Dim Sum Stories

Dim Sum, the Chinese-style of cuisine featuring many delectable dishes of dumplings and bite-sized morsels, can be literally translated to mean “touch the heart.”

It’s clear that Larry Wong’s memoir Dim Sum Stories: A Chinatown Childhood aims to have the same effect. It’s an affectionate look back at growing up in Vancouver’s Chinatown during the 1940s and ’50s, and paints the portrait of a man very close to Wong’s own heart: his father.

“I guess it’s redemption on my part,” he told CBC’s North by Northwest recently. “I grew up with three siblings and they all left home by the time I was in my early teens so my father treated me as an only child. But because I was in my teens, we often had fights, arguments, differences, and I said things that I really now do regret quite a bit. I guess, being an adult, I sort of look back and it’s like ‘Oh God, I shouldn’t have treated him like that. So in a sense it’s sort of like redemption on my part.”

His father, and his journey from a Chinese village to settling in Canada, is a major part of Dim Sum Stories. The senior Wong’s story is much like those of other Chinese who immigrated to British Columbia during and following the gold rush. After setting up a shirt-tailoring store, he was able to save and borrow enough to bring his wife and children over.

via CBC Books – Larry Wong’s Dim Sum Stories.

Strange Random Chinese Cooking Quote:

“Anything that walks, swims, crawls, or flies with its back to heaven is edible.” – (Cantonese saying. Source: The Chinese Kitchen by Eileen Yin-Fei Lo)

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