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Getting Going: Think Before You Click – WSJ.com

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The proliferation of smartphones, tablets and public Wi-Fi connections—combined with a quick-to-click, hurry-it-up ethos—means scofflaws have more opportunities to try to steal our information, hit us with charges or barrage us with advertisements so they can collect fees by the click.

Cybercrime and “malware“—software with a nefarious purpose—are the biggest fraud concerns of banks, according to an October survey of 32 North American financial institutions by research firm Aite Group. Aite estimates that 25 million variations of malware will be released world-wide this year, up from 20 million strains last year.

“We see the same scams over and over,” says Tim Armstrong, malware researcher at Kaspersky Lab, a maker of antivirus software. “What changes is the delivery method.”

In almost every case, you have the power to stop the problems before they start. Here’s how.

via Getting Going: Think Before You Click – WSJ.com.

Strange Random Security Quote:

“Security isn’t something that you buy, it’s something you do.” – Mark Mellis

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