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Creative America releases new anti-piracy video – latimes.com

Hollywood Studios 1922

Hollywood‘s ambitious campaign to educate the public and its own workforce about the perils of film piracy has produced — what else — another film.

Creative America, the group launched this summer to muster support in the creative community for tougher anti-piracy laws, recently debuted a 12-minute video that highlights the impact of content theft on all aspects of the filmmaking chain — from the grips to the independent filmmakers.

The video, which was more than two months in the making, is posted on Creative America’s website at http://www.creativeamerica.org.

Through internal videos, newsletters, emails and booths set up in company commissaries, media giants such as NBC, Viacom, Sony Pictures and Warner Bros. have been encouraging their employees to join Creative America.

via Creative America releases new anti-piracy video – latimes.com.

And it is a very good video. Well-made, as you might expect, sincere, but absolutely lacking in substance and energetically waving a Stars and Stripes. In fact, it looks very much like Public Service movies of the 50s, warning people of the dangers of Marijuana or similar. But you decide …


Strange Random Piracy Quote:

“Where there is a sea there are pirates” – Greek proverb

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