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Rebranding Cape Town’s ‘Hoods’

Long Street (Cape Town)

Cape Town is currently undergoing a historic rebranding as a result of the Name Your Hood initiative, which aims to provide local communities a voice and an identity, as well as provide locals and tourists alike a simpler way to navigate the city.

As part of the initiative, one of Cape Town’s hippest and up and coming areas has been named The Loop and includes the immediate blocks surrounding Bree Street and part of Loop Street, from Strand Street up to Buitensingel Street.

According to Nick Seewer, CEO of Pepper Club Luxury Hotel & Spa, which is located in The Loop area, the rebranding initiative should be welcomed and supported by hospitality players in the area, as many local and international tourists aren’t actually aware of the different neighbourhoods in the city bowl.

“Cape Town is marketed as a single destination to tourists when in fact each suburb has its own unique character. The history of each location and the people of the individual communities have their own distinct ‘flavour’ which differentiates each neighbourhood from the next.

“The majority of visitors tend to think of Long Street as the ‘heart’ of the city due to its reputation, when in fact Bree Street has the same potential, along with a diverse history and often less crowds. The Loop caters for various interests, whether it is art, history, food or shopping,” says Seewer.

via Rebranding Cape Town’s ‘Hoods’ – Cape Business News.

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