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When Your Phone Humors You – Noticed – NYTimes.com

Image representing Siri as depicted in CrunchBase

ALEX JOHNSON, a freelance video producer in Indianapolis, has a self-esteem problem. Well, not really, but his new iPhone thinks he does.

“Why do I cry so much?” he asked it recently in jest.

“I don’t know,” it responded. “Frankly, I’ve wondered that myself.”

The funny (if slightly unsettling) reply was courtesy of Siri, the new virtual personal-assistant application for the recently released Apple iPhone 4S. Siri recognizes conversational speech and responds, helping with everything from scheduling a meeting to finding a therapist.

Siri also talks back. Owners of the new iPhone have been quick to ask it all kinds of odd questions, from the inane to the illicit. Looking for a place to hide a body? Siri provided Mr. Johnson with a list of metal foundries, dumps and swamps.

via When Your Phone Humors You – Noticed – NYTimes.com.

Strange Random Conversation Quote:

“Conversation may be compared to a lyre with seven chords – philosophy, art, poetry, love, scandal, and the weather” – Anna Jameson (Irish Essayist, 1794-1860)

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