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Ekberg and Mastroianni in Fellini’s L’Intervista (1987)

Today we have a departure from our regular language(s) to feature a couple of Italian videos (and some French subtitles for free!).

The actress Anita Ekberg will be 80 this week and has given an interview to the Italian paper Corriere Della Sera. In it, she claims that La Dolce Vita was not a great movie and that she was essentially the best thing in it, while Mastroianni was a nobody who smoked and drank too much.

In fact, this is not the first time she has made this kind of comments, as this interview from 2010 on Italian TV shows.

After all that bad blood, we thought it might be nice to go back and look at happier times between the two, and not so long ago, either, namely, the meeting in Fellini‘s L’Intervista from 1987. The subtitles are in French, which may or may not help you …

Strange Random La Dolce Vita Quote:

You are the first woman on the first day of creation. You are mother, sister, lover, friend, angel, devil, earth, home. – Marcello Rubini

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