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Hip-Hop’s Cash Kings On Canvas – Forbes


Cover of Jay-Z

“You take a mouth off someone, you’ll be surprised how they look,” says artist Jason “Borbay” Borbet, considering the painting in front of him. “It’s a very different person.”

The mouth in question belongs to Hillary Clinton. Her image rests upside-down in the middle of a colorful collage that Borbay has painted to depict another Empire State power broker: Jay-Z. The rest of the canvas is covered with headlines pulled from The New York Post, along with a few images—Clinton, Beyoncé and a presidential seal—upon all of which a rendering of the rapper is superimposed.

“Jay-Z’s got this big personality, but he’s so low key. It’s almost like he’s always sitting,” says Borbay, lowering himself into an explanatory crouch, “and about to stand up.”

The Jay-Z portrait is one of seven 30-by-30-inch acrylic collage paintings completed by Borbay this year to depict rap’s most influential artists. His criteria: each subject had to release an album within one year of January 2011, be active in social media, and possess “a strong entrepreneurial vision.” Collectively titled Kings of Hip-Hop, the exhibition will make its official debut tomorrow evening at Publicis Modem in New York.

via Hip-Hop’s Cash Kings On Canvas – Forbes.

Strange Random Hip-Hop Quote:

The Bronx is famous for two things. Hip-hop, and 26 world championships. – Kurtis Blow

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