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Actors sue for profits from TV and movie classics | Reuters

Cover of "A Christmas Story (Full Screen ...

Cover of A Christmas Story (Full Screen Edition)

NEW YORK Reuters -The red-haired bully from the movie “A Christmas Story” is preparing for a courtroom slugfest with Warner Bros Entertainment Inc.

Actor Zack Ward, who played Scut Farkus in the 1983 film, has sued Warner Bros for using his image in toy action figures without his permission.

The suit, filed on Tuesday in California federal court, charges that the studio had no right to license Ward’s likeness for use in consumer merchandise. Ward wasn’t consulted and didn’t authorize the production of the Scut Farkus figurine, the complaint said.

Ward’s case is the latest in a spate of actions by actors seeking to recover merchandise profits related to classic film and television works. As recently as five years ago, such suits were rare because actors had little way of knowing if and when their images were being used by studios. That has changed, thanks to the Internet, as well as a steep increase in merchandising by studios, making the products more generally visible.

In April, four members of the 1970s show “Happy Days” sued CBS Studios Inc and Paramount Pictures, alleging they were owed royalties. David Cassidy also claims that he is owed a hefty sum in merchandise sales related to the 1970s television show “The Partridge Family.”

via Actors sue for profits from TV and movie classics | Reuters.

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