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Cryonics pioneer Robert Ettinger dies | Science | guardian.co.uk

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Robert Ettinger, a pioneer of the cryonics movement, has died and had his body stored at the facility he founded in the hope that medical technology will enable him to live again one day. Ettinger died at home on Saturday, aged 92, in a suburb of Detroit after weeks of declining health. His body became the 106th to be frozen and stored at the Cryonics Institute, which he founded in 1976.” My father devoted himself to doing what he could to enable his family, his friends and others to come back and live again,” said his son David. “Whether he will achieve that nobody knows at this point, but we think he has a good shot.”Ettinger, a university physics teacher, was seriously wounded during the second world war at the Battle of the Bulge and spent years in hospitals. The bone graft surgery that saved his legs inspired his optimism about the prospects of preserving life through technology, a statement from the institute said.

via Cryonics pioneer Robert Ettinger dies | Science | guardian.co.uk.

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