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‘Lost’ Michelangelo Found In Oxford Dormitory

Pietà (da Michelangelo) - Marcello Venusti - 1...

Image by guido_agostini via Flickr

How would you react if someone told you there was a Michelangelo in your dormitory? For at least one clergyman at the University of Oxford, the answer is “humbly.” A painting of the crucifixion, which hung in a small Jesuit residence at Oxford, is alleged to be the work of the great Renaissance master. Regarding the news, residents felt “a mixture of excitement and slight concern,” according to BBC News.  The master of Campion Hall, Father Brendan Callaghan, stated, “It’s a very beautiful piece, but far too valuable to have on our wall any more. “The piece, bought in an auction in the 1930s, was thought to be the work of Michelangelo’s contemporary, Marcello Venusti. Historian and conservationist Antonio Forcellino, with the help of infrared cameras, claims to have identified the piece as Michelangelo’s.

via ‘Lost’ Michelangelo Found In Oxford Dormitory PHOTO.

Strange Random Art Quote:

The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection. – Michelangelo

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