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BBC News – The incredible shrinking shopping baskets

A Cadbury Dairy Milk bar in 2006.

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Ha! Finally the proof we were all looking for. Things really DID get smaller, it wasn’t just us getting bigger 🙂

A host of familiar grocery products are getting smaller while their price stays the same. Why? Tough times might be weighing heavily on UK shoppers, but one burden, at least, is becoming lighter: their shopping trolleys. With the cost of getting products onto the shelves rising higher and higher, some suppliers are reducing the size of their wares while maintaining the same retail price. Imperial Leather soap is the latest item to shrink. Manufacturer PZ Cussons said it was reducing the size of its bars from 125g to 100g, citing a steep rise in the cost of ingredients like palm oil, to avoid a hike in the amount charged to customers. In February, Cadbury’s Dairy Milk bars went down from 140g to 120g – the equivalent of two chunks – while the recommended retail price remained unchanged. At the same time, Toblerone bars became one triangle shorter to ensure the Poundland chain could carry on selling them for £1, blaming “increases in cost bases”.

via BBC News – The incredible shrinking shopping baskets.

Strange Random Supermarket Quote:
“About eighty percent of the food on shelves of supermarkets today didn’t exist 100 years ago.” — Larry McCleary (Feed Your Brain, Lose Your Belly)
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