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Canary Island Skies

Teide (Tenerife). The third largest volcano in...

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Astronomy Picture of the Day, May 16

Explanation: If you could sit back and watch clouds and the sky move all night and day, what might you see? One answer from the island of Tenerife, captured over the course of the year, includes sequences that are not only breathtaking but instructive. Visible in the above time-lapse movie include clouds that seem to flow like water, a setting sun that shows numerous green flashes, the Milky Way Galaxy rising behind towering plants, a colorful double fogbow, lenticular clouds that appear stationary near their mountain peaks, and colorful moon coronas. The above video was shot solely from the Teide National Park on Tenerife in the Canary Islands of Spain, off the north west coast of Africa. The video also features an unusual type of plant in several scenes — can you identify it?

Strange Random Astronomy Quote:

The meek shall inherit the Earth. And the rest of us will go to the stars. – Omni Magazine

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