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To catch a bike thief – use GPS and Google Maps

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According to Immobilise, the police-backed property register, a bicycle is stolen every minute in the UK and less than 5% are ever recovered. The sad truth is that you can use a couple of chunky locks and leave your bike in busy, well-lit places, but nothing stops a really determined thief. The SpyLamp is pragmatic; it accepts that bikes get stolen from time to time, and focuses on getting them back and catching the thief. A mobile phone, vibration sensor and GPS chip are all crammed inside what looks like – and even works as – a rear bike light. You mount it on your bike and it beams its location back to you if it senses movement – such as a bike thief carting it off, but – hopefully – not someone bumping into it as they lock theirs next to it. It keeps doing that until it’s disarmed or runs out of power. Before that happens you can hand that information over to the police, who swoop in and save the day in theory.

via To catch a bike thief – use GPS and Google Maps | Matthew Sparkes | Environment | guardian.co.uk.

Strange Random Bike Quote:

Why should anyone steal a watch when he could steal a bicycle? – Flann O’Brien

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