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This American Life discovers the “secret” Coca-Cola formula

Is this the real thing?

The formula for Coca-Cola is one of the most jealously guarded trade secrets in the world. Locked in a vault in Atlanta. Supposedly unreplicable. But we think we may have found the original recipe. And to see if the formula actually might be Coke, we made a batch. Or, anyway, we asked the folks at Jones Soda and Sovereign Flavors to whip  some up, to see if it tastes like Coke.

National Public Radio programme This American Life claims to have discovered the original formula for Coca-Cola. Listen to the episode as they explain the history of the drink and how the notebook came to light, as well as try a sample of their cola.

The website for the programme

The link for the mp3 of the programme

Wikipedia article on the recipes

Strange Random Coca-Cola Quote:

So carefully did the Coca-Cola company protect the secret of 7X [their secret recipe] over the years that it was prepared to defy court orders rather than reveal it. In India manufacturers are obliged by law to say what is in a drink, but in 1977 the company decided to cease marketing Coca-Cola in India rather than reveal its secret. – JOHN EMSLEY, Molecules at an Exhibition

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