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Halloween is here, Halloweek part 7!

Man with the spirit of his second wife.

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For this last post of the week, we take a look at the work of one William Hope, paranormal investigator and pioneer of “spirit photography“. He claimed to be able to contact the spirits of deceased relatives of his subjects and his work became especially popular in the years following World War I, as people searched for clues regarding their family members lost in the conflict.

In 1922, however, Hope’s work was proven to be nothing more spiritual than double exposures. Despite this setback, he retained a good following and his fellow spiritualist, author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, refused to believe that Hope was  fraud and even wrote a book (The Case for Spirit Photography) attempting to clear his name.

Useful links:

Gallery of Hope’s spirit pictures.

Wikipedia article.

Enjoy and have a spooky time!

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Strange Random Ghost Quote:

“It rubs me the wrong way, a camera… It’s a frightening thing…Cameras make ghosts out of people.” – Bob Dylan (American folk singer, b.1941)

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