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Halloween Worldwide at Flickr – Halloweek part 4!

See the full group slideshow here
A couple of creepy photos for this 4th instalment of Halloweek, from the Halloween Worldwide group at Flickr.

First of all, the Haserot Angel from Cleveland, Ohio. Click on the photo to see the full-size version on Flickr.

Lake View’s most famous piece of graveside sculpture stands atop the grave of Francis Haserot and his family, near the Mark Hanna mausoleum at the edge of the cemetery proper. [……..]

What’s clear is that the Haserots’ skill in shipping big cans of food is surpassed only by their impeccable taste in art. The statue at their cemetery plot was sculpted in 1924 by Herman Matzen.

The name I’ve always heard attached to the piece is “The Angel of Death Victorious.” The angel has his hands folded atop something that most people mistakenly call a sword. It would make sense, but in this case he’s holding an upside down torch, symbolizing a life extinguished. His pose is creepy enough, but the years have streaked his bronze skin and caused tears of discolored metal to stream from his blank eyes.

Want some interesting information regarding the “haunting” of the Haserot Angel?
Visit: paranormalinsider.com/2007/10/the_haserot_angel.php

Secondly, this very colourful and autumnal shot from Helsinki:

You can find a link to the full sideshow at the top of the page – recommended viewing, in our opinion. More tomorrow!

Strange Random Graveyard Quote:

“Prophets were twice stoned – first in anger; then, after their death, with a handsome slab in the graveyard” –   Christopher Morley (American writer and editor, 1890-1957)


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