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Keep that wolf at the door with Halloween recipes – Halloweek part 2

Continuing our look at interesting sites for Halloween ideas, we turn our focus to food, a subject that is very close to our hearts (or should we say our stomachs?)  here in the office.

We started with a general Google search for “Halloween recipes with pictures” and as you can see, there are plenty of goodies to choose from. The ubiquitous pumpkin is a favourite, of course, but we liked some of the more creative and thematic dishes, such as these two:

From the Food Network website comes Vampire Blood Tomato soup with Muenster Cheese sandwiches. First, catch your vampires …. no, just joking, but the recipe does call for garlic and onions, so make sure you’re among friends or you may find yourself “exorcised”. Click on the photo (right) for more information and the full recipe.

The second gruesome gourmet dish we liked the look of was Eyeball Tacos at VisualRecipes.com. The main idea is the same as making ordinary tacos, but topped with cream and sliced black olives. If any of your friends or family claim that their dinner is looking at them in a funny way, then for once, they’re probably right …

Bela Lugosi circa 1920 Source http://www.docto...

Bela Lugosi

More in Halloweek part 3!


Strange Random Vampire Quote:

I have never met a vampire personally, but I don’t know what might happen tomorrow.  – Bela Lugosi


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