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Free Netbook Operating System, Jolicloud

Jolicloud OS

The Jolicloud Operating System for Netbooks

If you have a netbook (one of those mini-laptops, if you know what I mean), then it probably came with one flavour of Windows, whether XP or 7. And this is perfectly OK for most users, but you maybe didn’t know that there are other (free) alternatives out there, among them Google‘s Chrome OS (not the browser, but similar) and Jolicloud.

Jolicloud can be installed as the main operating system or alongside Windows without having to move any of your data. It includes applications focussed on on-line life, such as social networks, mail, blogging or messaging and lets you save your important information in the “cloud” or locally on your own machine.

The makers claim that Jolicloud is the most compatible netbook operating system around at the moment, with support for models of around 50 manufacturers, including Acer, HP, Toshiba, Asus and Samsung.

Most attractive of all, being a distribution of Linux, it’s free and maintained by passionate experts!

Choose from the express Windows installation and the image (iso.) file if you want a full installation or with other operating systems.

Strange Random Operating System Quote:
I had a fortune cookie the other day and it said:’Outlook not so good’. I said:’Sure, but Microsoft ships it anyway’. – unknown

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