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Batman & Robin voted worst film ever (Empire Magazine)

Batman & Robin (film)

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What’s the worst movie ever made? The kind of film that makes you want to get up and ask for your money back and is so bad, it isn’t even funny? According to the readers of Empire Magazine, it’s Batman & Robin, with George Clooney as the hero and Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Ice Man.

The first thing you notice about this list is that none of the 50  films is older than about 30 years, with the exception of Ed Wood‘s, for example. What you will find are “classics” like Battlefield Earth, Swept Away, Plan 9 from Outer Space or Gigli, alongside  sequels Matrix Revolutions and Spiderman 3. On each item page, you’ll see a short description of Who’s Responsible, Why it’s On The List, and any positive points it may have.

The Top 10 looks like this:

1. Batman and Robin

2. Battlefield Earth

3. The Love Guru

4. Raise The Titanic

5. Epic Movie

6. Heaven’s Gate

7. Sex Lives Of The Potato Men

8. The Happening

9. Highlander II: The Quickening

10. The Room

Among the films that are missing from the list, according to the comments on the site, are Avatar, anything by Quentin Tarantino, Mannequin, Pearl Harbour, Forrest Gump and anything made in Croatia!

Empire Magazine article.

Strange Random Cheesy (Bad) Film Quote:

“You’re a godsend, a saviour.”

“No, I’m a postman.”

– A BLIND WOMAN to the POSTMAN (Kevin Costner) in The Postman (1997)

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  1. February 4, 2010 at 1:20 pm

    Why didn’t you included “Shark boy and Lava girl 3D” movie.It is very ugly to watch.

    • February 4, 2010 at 4:19 pm

      Hmm, I’ve never seen that one. Must make a note of it!

      The list was compiled by the magazine and I imagine their readers have an average age of 30, so that’s why there aren’t many older movies there. My votes would go for The Wild Women of Wonga or Cat Women on the Moon (along with any Penélope Cruz movie).

      All the best!

  1. February 12, 2010 at 10:04 am

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