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Free online Business tools for meetings

Today we look at two online services concerned with business meetings. Both are free for a basic service, which should be enough for most people, but paid upgrades are also available for “power users“!

First of all, Timebridge (http://www.timebridge.com). Dedicated to getting the most out of meetings, it allows you to share your calendar, schedule meetings automatically with one e-mail to all users and provides a meeting room dashboard to keep all your material under control.

TimeBridge is a web application that makes it incredibly easy to schedule and lead great meetings—and follow up after you meet. Think of us as your calendar-wrangling, agenda-making, note-taking, team-motivating, secret weapon in the battle against workplace inefficiency.

You can download a special application for the iphone, as well as “connectors” (plug-ins) for Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar or iCal for the Mac.

If you find that you need Web Conferencing possibilities, which are not included in the free account, you might be interested in DimDim (http://www.dimdim.com/). You can host a meeting through this site for up to 20 people for free. Pro features include advanced collaboration tools and also up to 1000 participants. And if you still can’t think of a good reason to host your meeting online, here’s what DimDim have to say about it:

Every Dimdim web conference saves money, time, energy and CO2 emissions. In fact, a typical 30 minute virtual Dimdim web meeting with 5 attendees can eliminate about 1.3 metric tons of CO2 and save $810 in expenses required to attend face-to-face. Feel great about saving some green while being green.

We’ll be looking at more business applications in future posts, but if you’d like to suggest any that you know of, please leave us a message under this post!

Strange Random Meeting Quote:
You may admire a girl’s curves on the first introduction, but the second meeting shows up new angles. – Mae West

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