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Christmas gifts that don’t stink – guaranteed!

From the Natural History Museum‘s online store, come the latest in green (ecological) gifts. Among the recycled circuit boards, CDs and beer bottles, you can find the ultimate in house plants – your own pine tree in a box filled with reindeer, um, excrement. The choice of fertilizer is explained like this:

In the wild, reindeer eat a range of plants and fruit. The seeds are then distributed in their dung, which provides an ideal nutrient-rich environment for plants to grow. Dung is taken from UK zoos and safari parks, then treated to remove germs and odours.

Other gifts in the same series are Elephant Poo (with an Angel Rose) and Rhino Poo (complete with banana plant).

The more adventurous may also like to sample other elephant poo products such as the elegantly-titled “Poo Notes” notebook or the Bauble Decorations made of the same resistant material.

Whatever your choice, remember that buying green makes a difference:

Profits from all online shop orders support the Museum’s research into fighting diseases like malaria and conserving the biodiversity of our planet.


Strange Random Language Fact:

“Euouae,” a medieval music term, is the longest word in English that contains only vowels. It’s also the word with the most consecutive vowels.

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