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Jango Jukebox, make your own radio show!

Linksys internet radio powered by RadioTime

Image by Travis Isaacs via Flickr

A few weeks back, we told you about how to listen to online radio using the Reciva station database. Now for the more adventurous, comes the next step: making your own selection!
There are a number of sites already offering this service, such as Last FM, Spotify or Lala; in fact, you can  find a good comparative guide here. We’re going to focus on a new arrival to the scene called Jango, which doesn’t offer anything particularly radical compared to others, but is, in our opinion, more diverse and easier to configure, because at the end of the day, what you want to do is get listening to the music as quickly as possible.
  1. The easiest way to start is by going to http://www.jango.com and entering the name of an artist or style of music. For this example, we were in an 80s mood and said “Men At Work”.
  2. Your new station starts playing straight away  with a track by the artist you mentioned, as you can see here (right).  To give things a bit of variety, you can tell Jango what you want to hear by defining other artists it suggests (left).
  3. Occasionally, Jango will include some of its own suggestions, new artists or similar artists and you can tell it to include them more often or less often.
  4. Finally, for the full experience, sign up for free to be able to save  your stations and also export a jukebox to your MySpace, Facebook or blog page, just as you can see down here!
In short, Jango is free to use and only needs a few minutes to set up. If you do decide to spend more time configuring your likes and dislikes, you’ll find it well worth the effort.
So with apologies to many famous children’s programmes, here’s one we made earlier!
This is a Jazz station, as an example of what you can do with streaming music from Jango!

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