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Spitting Image, global-style (I)

Spitting Image (video game)

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spitting image
1. noun Informal.
1925–30; from the phrase spit and image by confusion of spit and with spittin’; cf. earlier the very spit of –  the exact likeness of

2. British satirical puppet show which ran on the ITV television network from 1984 to 1996

In the spirit of the famous UK show, Kenyan politicians (as well as Barrack Obama and Michael Jackson) are being satirised in The XYZ Show, which has just finished its first season and starts again in January. This is a report from Reuters Africa.

Elsewhere, the South African Broadcasting Corporation commissioned and then rejected as too controversial the series ZA News (from the .za in  South African web addresses). It is now available for streaming and download over the internet. This is the first episode from October this year; of course, it’s difficult to follow if you don’t know about the news, but it’s worth watching if only for the puppets of Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu at the beginning!

In the next instalment, we’ll be looking at the original Spitting Image and its European partners in crime in Spain, France and Russia!


Strange Random Language Fact: There is no English word that rhymes with purple – so if you’re writing a song, consider using “blue” instead!

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