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Know your Groceries

Frank Costello, born Francesco Castiglia ( Jan...

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… or end up with a face like a Russian flag.

In other words, be alert to the situation or you may get embarrassed!

Don’t panic, this is not some exercise on phrasal verbs, but part of a new book about US slang from the 1920s to the 1950s. It’s called Straight from the Fridge, Dad (Cool, or Obvious) and includes references to the gangster era like the following:

If you were free to run for President (unemployed) and became a dime-dropper (informer), you might be taken off the payroll (killed, assassinated) in Chicago lightning (gunfire) and end up in a Chicago overcoat (coffin) at a Cold Meat Party (funeral) while the gangster talks to a sinhound (priest) before sniffing Arizona perfume (going to the gas chamber).

No joke. Straight from the fridge, Dad.

Straight From the Fridge, Dad – A Dictionary of Hipster Slang

by Decharne, Max


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